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CAIMS, Customer, and Asset Information Management System, is a comprehensive solution for managing utility networks.
Customer & Asset Data Management
Survey & Installation Management
New Service Connection & More
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Adora is a grid network management solution that helps utilities optimize operations and increase profitability.

Network Management
Field Operations & More
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Facility Management

Discover how Beacon Facility Management's solutions can improve your operations, lower costs, and increase productivity throughout your facilities.

Manage Diverse Facilities
Tailored User Roles
Data-Driven Decisions & More
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ECG's implementation of ADORA has resulted in significant cost savings and streamlined processes. ADORA's billing has led to a remarkable 60% reduction in the cost of delivering bills to customers and a 90% computation and availability rate. ADORA has a remarkable speed of 20,000 bills computed per minute, which has expedited operations significantly. In essence, ADORA's integration into ECG has driven innovation and efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced operational agility.

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We empower Africa's power sector with sustainable and efficient solutions, using data-driven technologies to unlock the energy sector's potential.

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