The Smart Grid Difference

Our proprietary technology, Adora, leverages machine learning and data analytics to provide real-time visibility on technical and non-technical losses in an electric distribution grid, empowering utilities to adopt a data-driven approach to optimizing grid efficiency.

Energy accounting

Perform energy audits across various grid assets within the network in order to track real-time losses and outages at every node.

Revenue optimization

Effectively manage customer billing and collection activity to minimize collection losses.

Asset management

Significantly reduce or prevent outages by using AI to identify or predict issues as or before they occur. 

A Hands On Approach is unique to the power value chain peculiar to the location.

Beacon Power Services (BPS) has amassed significant experience developing energy software solutions in Africa through our bottom-up, boots-on-the-ground approach. We are often able to identify problems and issues that are unique to the power value chain peculiar to the location and  appropriately tailored to the market.

We develop in-house, not through “technical partners”. Our technology team has decades of prior experience at leading global electrical multinationals, developing software that is now deployed at some of the largest electric utilities in the world, such as Duke Energy, Exelon, and Southern California Edison.


million consumers and businesses impacted


grid nodes  connected


grid data and transaction points processed daily


of the largest cities in Africa 

Let's create a more efficient Africa.