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Introducing the: Beacon Monitor Software Platform

The central nervous system for managing your facilities' energy use.

Real-time updates of your energy usage across all locations

Manage your current power source, peak / average load demand, and cost.

Decision-making tool, enabling active facility management

Benchmarks energy cost, highlighting waste, etc.

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Energy Image Management

Facilities Management

Energy solutions tailored for you.

Together we strategize on the best way to further reduce your operating costs.
Generator Resizing

Without measurement, generators can be unnecessarily sized for the needs of the facility, leading to additional and unnecessary procurement and fuel costs.

Peak Shaving

Beacon Power Services will tailor your facility's peak demand to reduce costs and maximize facility potential.

Automated Controls

Beacon Power Services can remotely manage your appliances through our Beacon Platform to reduce fuel costs.

Energy Efficiency

Appliances and Equipment that are energy efficient can lead to a dramatic reduction in operating expenses.

Electrical Redesign

An upgraded facility can eliminate outages and load spikes. This reduces the amount of damaged equipment.

Process Management

Beacon Power Services can bridge the gap between installed capacity and operating capacity for industrial facilities.

Generate energy. Empower your business.

Sustainable power options can provide even further reduction of costs. They can also hedge against future fuel cost increases & provide your facility with reliability & peace of mind. BPS will help you generate energy & empower your business.

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