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We are Beacon Power Services:

revolutionizing energy options for Nigeria's businesses.

On average, Nigerian businesses use diesel generators for 70% of their power needs




Our three-phase energy evaluation process will help your business reduce diesel-dependence & achieve controlled power




Beacon Monitor software platform brings visibility to your day-to-day operations

Together we strategize and implement the best ways to reduce costs even further.

Renewable energy: Your business. Your power.

Receive minute-by-minute updates on the status of your facilities, peak load, energy costs, and current power source. When you monitor your energy usage, you truly begin to control it.

We sit down with your business and collaboratively decide on solution sets tailored specifically to your business needs.

Sustainable power options provide even further cost reductions & provide your facility with reliability and peace of mind. BPS will help you generate energy and empower your business.

We're here for you

We're headquartered in Lagos & employing a growing network of engineers all across the country. Wherever your business is, our network will bring you consistent, high quality, affordable power.

Together we will reduce commercial diesel-dependence in Nigeria through smart services & data driven solutions

Some of the businesses that partner with us:

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